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See Francesca’s New One Woman Show This April in NYC!

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One woman’s experience realizing that sometimes it takes loss to find oneself. 

MY TIME is a story about a woman named Ana who is going through a divorce after twenty years of marriage. It’s a recount of her journey through different emotions trying to overcome the pain and hurt that she’s feeling from the betrayal of her husband. It’s a look into one woman’s struggle to navigate through a world crumbling around her and how she can summon the strength to re-find and empower herself.

Francesca Van Horne offers a show that’s full of life, truth and beauty. She plays 10 characters, men and women with such intensity and quick changes of emotion. We hope to have her return to the Paris stage because she is sure to seduce the French audience.
— La Parisienne Life

Ms. Van Horne is also able to skillfully embody a number of different characters, from a SoulCycle instructor to a therapist to Bradley Cooper, with shifts in her posture and vocal inflection.
— The Red Hook Star Revue

Francesca just returned from working with Oscar winning Director/Writer Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby) in Berlin, Germany. She was accepted as 1 of only 18 actors worldwide to participate in this three day seminar and Masterclass Intensive on Acting & Directing with Mr Haggis as part of the TvSFestival in Berlin.