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Coming off a hugely successful London and Paris tour, and two shows in New York, Francesca stars in the upcoming one woman show, which she also penned ‘Tales From The Trundle’. 

Francesca stars in two upcoming indie feature films 'El Gallo' and 'St Nicholas', and the TV sitcom pilot ‘Not For Profit’. She had successful runs of her solo show ‘Dancing Through It’ at Cherry Lane Theatre studio and The One Festival in New York City. 

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Francesca wrote ‘Tales From The Trundle’ and wishes to publish it as a book, develop a TV series, and feature film from her story of surviving abuse, addiction, leaving a toxic relationship and manifesting a life of transformation, empowerment, courage, and freedom to spread healing and Joy. 


Breaking the Fourth Wall

Star Revue

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Francesca produced the European run of 'Tales From The Trundle' at Le Petit Gymnase in Paris, The Ned Hotel in London, The Courtyard Theatre in London, and The Bridewell Theatre in London. In addition, she produced ‘El Gallo’, both runs of ‘Dancing Through It’ at Cherry Lane and The One Festival, and the 'Dream Sequence' short film. Her upcoming projects include a film adaptation of 'Two Sisters', and the live stage performance ‘Tales From The Trundle’ at United Solo Fest, amongst other collaborations yet to be disclosed. 'St. Nicholas' is being distributed in the US by Summer Hill Films, 'El Gallo' is being distributed by Freestyle Digital Media, both releases in January of 2018.